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Originally Posted by bmwaddict View Post
it's a good guess for me its useless im in the wireless industry and people is always looking for the next phone or tablet that can do all. that hotspot is very limited while your phone or tablet can do everything that thing is expected to do and more.

edit: im not being negative but speaking the truth of what i see people asking everyday

What a worthless option being that most new devices already have LTE. The only way I see this being somewhat useful if if you have 3G or WiFi only devices that can take advantage of the hotspot and its faster speeds. Most Android devices and the iPhone 5 have LTE so for the most part this is aimed at a limited audience of users or uneducated ones that "think" they need it.

P.S. Why in the world would you want up to eight different mobile devices simultaneously connected to the hotspot? That just divides the bandwidth up and nearly negates the faster speeds of LTE. smh