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19" Falken 453 - first impressions

Just fitted 4 of these new Falken 453 tyres in the correct 225 & 255 19" sizes (previous 452 was only available in 265).

The tread pattern has 3 very very wide grooves - they almost look too wide. They look a lot bigger in real life than in the pictures, and you wonder about how much rubber is in contact with the road.

First impressions after about 300 miles are very good - only tried them in the pouring rain, but they impressively track absolutely dead straight (with no pull on the steering at all) through fairly deep standing water - previously the 452s (and i recall the earlier bridgestones) would pull slightly when entering water with e.g. one wheel. The publicity suggests the groove design really helps stability in the wet and for once it seems like there is a really noticeable genuine improvement being offered. (that said it is maybe misleading to compare to the previous tyres wet performance when they were worn and therefore more prone to aquaplaning etc.)

We'll see about dry grip, but even in wet I've not had any DSC flashing.

Remains to be seen how long they last of course!
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