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Originally Posted by PA66400
I just had an oil service done on my car and the CBS was reset to an interval of 2 years, or 32,000 kms (20,000 miles). The dealer uses BMW LL01 5W30 (BMW rebranded Castrol). I was pretty surprised at this new interval - previous oil change specified a 26K km (15K mile) interval. Guess this is the new standard in Canada. I have a 2008 335i.
I just did an oil change on my car this week. The first non dealer oil change, when I reset the computer it told me the next change is in 19k miles. So I guess they are moving it higher. I will be getting a Blackstone oil analysis to see how it's holding up. Also not directed at anyone in particular but how about reading the owners manual to find out the recommended oil specs for your car.