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Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
It's not hard to properly allocate your funds. Do I sense some jealously?

I sold my 02 325xi for $9,500. Bought my M Coupe for $29k dropped at the driveway. That makes it $19.5k owed.

Working summer and winters, it's not an impossible feat to pay off the car. Did my dad help me pay for the car upfront? You bet. Is the title in my name now? Yes.

Continue to provide my amusement if you want.


Drove the Evo today. Not impressed. Too big for my liking, turbo doesn't kick in til 4k....nothing that really wow'ed me

STi they would not let me drive because of weather. Bastards.

I'm going to see if I can get away with a 2 door. Thinking 128i with a STX build. Or 135i in STU?

They are cheaper than Evo and STi, and I can get CPO. Win win?
So how did you get your first BMW? Your parents right? Selling for 9500 that your parents originally bought.

What's the point of your question and why are you on e90post when you don't drive a e90 and are asking about an sti?