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brad bedell

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Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
Hi Brad,

thanks for posting this. I will make sure to wear gloves when dealing with my housings. Also, can you explain what you mean by reflowing and what the process is for adding solder to the points you mentioned? I need to repair my light.

Tin the tip of your soldering iron and touch the solder joint for a second. Too long and you'll overheat the surface mounts. On the wire contacts, I added a bit of solder. You'll want to use a high quality iron with a very fine tip.

When these were assembled they were likely baked in an oven or assembled by robot. They can be hand-repaired, but it's delicate work. If you've never done work like this before, expect to ruin the first light. However, if you're trying this, you've given up on the chance of a warranty anyhow.