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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
Yeah, I have already talked to BMWNA. I'm certain I could get it covered with a couple more phonecalls but the guy I talked to was a total douchebag so I haven't bothered pursuing it any further just yet. He wanted me to pay out of pocket for the full diagnosis (even though I see the code so I know exactly what the issue is) as well as the full cost of repair and then "MAYBE" they will "look into" reimbursing me. At this point I'll take my chances with coding the damn thing out, lol.
Yeah it's a hit-or-miss with those guys. I was pleasantly surprised they agreed to that do and my thermostat (P0118) just for asking.. If I had chanced into a douchebag, I'd do the same thing - just f- it and DIY. Good luck, hope it's a smooth fix!