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Originally Posted by michaelalex17 View Post
looks good. you should paint your calipers and get painted reflectors
Thanks! The painted reflectors are in the garage awaiting install, and I couldn't agree more on he calipers. I'll probably be tackling that when the weather tarts to warm up a bit.
Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Those rims are delicious....
Nice wife. My gf has yet to give me her gifts, but shes getting an ActiveAutowerke tank top. Pictures to come

And black calipers would look good against those rims. Im loving the car as it sits now. Looks mean
Thanks, Eric! Best of luck with the gf gift exchange!
Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
i luvv RG-R's cant wait to see your E90 with all the other mods...keep us posted!
Will do. Thanks, Alen!
Originally Posted by mrj25 View Post
Looks good! What will look great is bbk with red calipers, which mine will be up for sale soon.
Lol. I love shameless plugs! I'll check it out when it comes up, but I'm thinking LSD is my next big requested purchase.
Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Great great wheels...need a drop and maybe some spacers for the fronts.
Thanks, JD! Yeah, I need as much suspension travel & undercarriage clearance as I can get driving through DC/MD/VA every day. Believe it or not, I bottom out as is. I may eventually drop it about .4-.5", but that would be the max.
Originally Posted by ExchangeHut View Post
That is a nice set of wheels you have there. Did your wife pick them out or did you leave some hints? She did well.

How do you like the 335d? What kind of mileage do you see? What kind of driving do you do?

Congrats on the new wheels.
Thanks, EH! The gift was more the approval of the purchase rather than unwrapping a set of RGRs on the 25th.

As far as the d goes, I love it. I drive 30-40k miles/year, so the car couldn't be much more ideal. Luxurious & comfortable, but sporty & powerful, yet economical and "green". I run a tune that puts down over 425lb/ft to the wheels, drive with a very heavy foot, and spend a lot of time idling, but I still average about 30mpg. If I take it easy on the throttle I've gotten as high as 40s on long highway trips. With only city driving, you'll average in the mid-to upper 20s. Don't let the gas mileage fool you, though; the thing has a surplus of umph and is a blast to drive.

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