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Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
Sounds like the people that put plastic covers on their very luxurious leather sofa. You got a nice car so you can enjoy it, why are you spending your time in a tin box ???!

I can totally understand having a commuter and a track/fun car, as many fun cars are poor at creature comfort. That is not the case of the M3.

Devaluation is the biggest hit you take on a car like that, not gas and maintenance, so even financially, ownership makes no sense if you never use it, as not using it bumps the per-mile (per hour of enjoyment; the only metric that matters) price to horrible heights.

Your car, your life, but hey, you asked
Understand where youre coming from, but I thoroughly enjoy the m3. So much to the point thats why i got the civic. I already park as far away from everyone i can, and I hate parking M at work as my co-workers are oblivious to others property. I know this from my last car.

But the M3 im averaging 16 mpg, with this I can average 55mpg, thats almost four times more efficient. Call me crazy but sitting in traffic in a boring commute, I cant really enjoy the M. This gives me piece of mind to say the least.