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07 335i - Adjust Parking Brake

I have seen several diys and they have been pretty good.. but for some reason my car is being stubborn.

I have an 07 e90 335i with sport but when i adjusted the brake using the star nut thing on the rear wheels it is still now working. It said to set it to tight then back off 10. I backed off 5 and it is still now holding nearly at all. I tried to look in the arm rest, and I don't have the adjustment that others have shown in the DIY.

This picture shows what I have seen (seems like it is a 330 instead of the 335.) I dont have those adjusting nuts there.

Mine looks more like this one but I am only 6 clicks off and it is not holding. I didnt do the part where he released the brake, but if anything wouldnt I be too tight if i didnt? This is the first time i have seen that how to.

The brake was holding well before i changed the rear pads. I just don't know what would have changed or gone wrong???

Any ideas? Is there an adjustment on the car that I am not seeing or don't know about?