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Thanks for all your replies, made things a lot clearer for me

Giff & Woody, hmmm i thought the novice days/taster sessions were for people who are s**t drivers lol. But i suppose its a good idea for first timers. Did everyone here start with novice days?

I'm really excited about going but I can't find any novice days/taster sessions at Bedford, and the first novice taster i have found is on 17th Feb at Silverstone. This is cheap (39) but you only get 30 mins. Probably less than that driving in your own pace

I just don't want to wait 1-2 months for just 30 mins or and hour of a novice day as i know that if i leave the track with anything left in me i will be disappointed. Thats why i wanted to do the open pit days. I could start off slow for the first hour and slowly get into it by the end of the day? Cars flying past me won't faze me, they will motivate me!

Ed330D & Danny.B, about the seat belt, i'll definately leave out the harness option but might get the CG lock to try it out. If not then I can use my knees like you say. Just thought it would be better to minimise using energy.

Doughboy, yes I read that a helmet is compulsory My plan was to hire one for my first day. When and what type of day are you looking to go?

Bear Yid, as for insurance i will try and get a one day quote and see how much it costs. Tow hook is a good point didn't even think about that!