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Here in Buffalo we have a locally owned chain car wash called Delta Sonic. They are everywhere and do a hell of a business. They have a "touch-less" car wash, no spinng brushed and just the over head cloth things that go over the car. The use a ton of foam and high pressure water to reduce the chance of scratches. Also has an under carriage spray.

When I slap the snows on my car, I get their monthly pass. Unlimited car washes for 23 bucks a month. Used it this am as a matter of fact- they had a couple guys with hot water hoses at the begining of the wash to get the ice out of the wheels.

When its decent out after the wash I do a quick spray detail for a little extra shine and protection. In the spring I will clay/buff/polish/wax with Einzette products - I do this every year.

Perect solution for a car that is driven year round? Yes. If it was a show car it would be off the road this time of year and had washed only. My car has 125k miles and people ask me if it's new all the time.