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JB4 is active I have found that the throttle is very sensitive and takes careful modulation to prevent the car flinging itself down the road. On the flipside however, this means that the car is super responsive low down in the rev range and builds boost very quickly.

The Cobb on the otherhand feels very different. One thing to note is that I have a manual and I tried out the linear throttle mapping as recommended by a few people on the American forums.

Cobb uses more boost to acheive similar performance (18psi+ compared to 14.5psi with the JB4). This might be a point of concern for those whose turbos have a lot of mileage on them.
thanks for the comparison, good write up
I like the fact that Berger piggy back still has the spool vs the linear response of the COBB Flash (makes it feel like a normally aspirated car) which I hated on my Lancer Evolution after it was flashed.

Not to mention you need to spool it higher to get the same amount of power....i'll deal with the octupus, unless the COBB has a different map to make boost response to come in violently.