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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Is the paint under the wrap damaged? Might therefore need painted as well as wrapped so that it remains perfect under the wrap if you want to remove the wrap sometime.
Pretty sure it's not. It's not even gone through the wrap. Kinda of just scraped the wrap. The wheel took the brunt. Kinda lucky I had those 15mm spacers over wise it would be a rear wing need repairing !
Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
Shitty thing to happen Nick,tough luck.

As for the insurance side of things,it's quite a tough call.

What's your gut feeling in regards the women,does she sound legit or not?

As you are no doubt aware, you are obliged to report the accident to your insurance company,however,I can understand why many don't.

If you have the other drivers details,which I hope you do,call them up (her insurers),and see if they are aware of the collision,and if they are,ask if their policy holder has admiited fault,and how they are proposing to proceed with sorting out your car.

If they are unaware of the accident,you need to contact your insurers ASAP,and proceed through them,unfortunately this will no doubt have an impact on your next renewal,but it could be worse.

Good luck.
She seems legit. Has sent me insurers name and number, and the ref number from her incident report. I will call them in the morning and see if they will deal with me directly.

Originally Posted by old grey steve View Post
I know how you feel someone over this weekend caught my NSR quarter it's a light scrape(I fear done in Stevenage Town Centre Car Park) and looks like it's gone on to the NS door too but having parked in a couple of car parks with their tight bays it could of happened over a 2 day stretch.

Bloody annoying Nick whichever way you look at it hope everything get put back to normal soon.

Another job for the batter weather
Sorry to hear that. It's a bitch!

Originally Posted by sheps View Post
I would inform my insurance company and make a secondary claim against her insurance for uninsured losses, which would include any loss of no-claims or rises in your premium for the next x years.

As it wasn't your fault this should be dealt with at zero cost to you - this should include your own premium, moving forward from this point.
Interesting. Will look into that.
Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Ps, should add, very sorry to see this happen - easily my favourite car of the forum, I think if this happened to me I would be inconsolably furious.
Thanks. I was furious. Swearing loudly. Not directly at the girl but not a happy chappy!

Originally Posted by scottishpete View Post
Yeh its a bummer that
You can call there insurance directly and get it sorted
Unfortunately no matter what you have to declare it for next 3+ years and your premium will go up no matter what
Know I'm going to have to declare it, and pissed but ok with it. Just rather deal direct now, and not involve my ins.

On the upside I may get my tracking paid for that I needed after fitment of the coilies. I think they would stump up for tracking considering the damage to the wheel?