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Originally Posted by apeyuen View Post
Congrats !! Rmb to do some maintenance first. etc....Change oil, air filter, carbin filter, coils.......Also try to wax your car first, just try to protect the paint throughout the winter.
See that you're also from Canada. Would like to recommend this website to you:
Not the cheapest but they sell OEM parts and ship in CAN, so no customs to worry about.
OMG that site is something I needed! thanks a lot!


And, I'll be replacing those right after contingent on what maintenance the used dealer lot said the did already. The thing is, from Carfax/Carproof, there seems to be regular maintenance at a BMW dealer however, I don't know any details regarding said maintenance. The car is 6 years old, and considering its winter already, I want to replace the battery ASAP. What's stopping me is that I heard you need to code in the new battery... I have neither a laptop (never needed one, even for uni hahaha) or the cable...