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I was in a similar predicament as you except my e46 m3 had almost 100k the car ran flawless but costmetically you could tell it was aging so I started searching and eventually I found a 335 which had the interior color I wanted, 6speed and jet black. It was bone stock and the it have only had 1 owner who was also one of the owners of the dealership who traveled every week fom tampa to jacksonville (which explained the high miles) he wanted 15.5k for it with 110k miles but I talked him down to 14k cash(took a lot of persistency) and purchased a warranty for 5yr or 100k for about $1300 and honestly to this day I haven't looked back. Sure its higher mileage but the car was mint..and they way the miles are put on the car and the maintainace has been done plays a big part when its higher mileage. I recently had it appraised at the automall where I work and they offered 13.5k which is pretty good for trading it in considering what i paid. In your case i would suggest you try and research all the background info you can before dismissing but if the car was heavily modified performance wise I would think it twice. personally to me getting my e92 was a huge upgrade and now with the mods I've put on it I def don't miss my e46 but I lucked out that even tho the mileage was high it was bone stock and driven long distances by a 65yr old