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Originally Posted by tmo24
Originally Posted by skatenc123
i just removed the torx screws with a small screw driver id recomend taking them out.
This is what I'm talkin bout. When you don't have the necessary tools, think like McGuyver and improvise some shit! I do it when I don't want to drive to the store for something I can make work a different way without harm.

But really, get the right tools eventually so you don't have to take apart your car with paper clips and toothpics.
Yeah you could also strip the shit out of the head of the screw it you're not careful from not using the right tools and then go through even more of a hassle getting a screw head counterpunch to take it out the hard way.
Come on guys, if you're going to mess around with your car yourself there's just no excuse not to have the right tools for the job at hand.