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Originally Posted by boostaholic786 View Post
With just a JB4 and DCI I would be shifting around 6300 rpm's instead of bouncing the car off the rev limiter. Get some stickier tires when you go from a dig so you don't "bounce" off the rev limiter or feather the throttle. I couldn't imagine it being good for the motor or turbos from bouncing off the rev limiter.. just my 2cents
Yes, stickier tires are the plan. Not trying to bounce off the rev limiter it's just that the tires don't stick and by the time you know it the RPM's are at 6-7k. I can floor it from a rolling start in 3rd gear and lose traction on these smooth paved roads. The weather in my part of Texas isn't helping either and being winter time it's been around 25-45 at night.