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Originally Posted by Game
Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
Glad it mostly worked out for you Game.
Hang in there buddy- not everybody's out to give you a raw deal.
Haha thanks. I've been a part of 60+ transactions through online forums and this wasn't my first scam unfortunately. In the end I only lost about $40 or so I can't even be that upset.

I think ordering some LCI tails from Tischer has helped too. Will be enjoying the peace of mind.
I know how shitty it can feel man. I've definitely been on the receiving end of both sides.

I've been sold deceptive crap that didn't meet my expectations through Amazon- one of them even including a bootleg version of Dre beats!

I contacted the seller, with of course no response, then I contacted Amazon, and not only did I get a monetary refund, but I kept the damn things and ripped them apart and threw them in the garbage lol.

Some buyers I sold to I had goofed up with as well. It was out of sheer ignorance, but I made it right and made it up to them by getting the parts they needed off of my car in one case for an intake, even meeting up and going to Home Depot with them to get the tools to get the stubborn part off my car for them, and in another case paypal'd the money the guy needed for the clamps he needed to install my performance exhaust.

People fail to realize, it's not always the sale that matters most, but the support you provide afterward in the event of the rare snag a buyer may encounter, and the type of service you provide from posting your product right up to the point of sale.

As a seller, for me personally, these are THE most important parts of my obligation, not the product itself.