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Originally Posted by Blindside_137
Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335
Well mostly because the piece that was on the end where the plug went into the device was kind of a weird rubber.

I actually called Monster themselves and found out they were fake, there's a serial number on every one apparently- not to mention there was a video on YouTube that will show you how to spot a fake- so yeah it was unfortunate.

Game, you and I are a rare breed my friend. Believe it when I tell you though, what goes around comes around man- find happiness in knowing this.
Have a great New Years brother!
I watched a big special on 60 minutes I think about counterfeit items, specifically beats by dre and it was amazing. There are literally millions out there.

As for the LCI's. I would love some, but doubt I ever will. I personally can't stand cars where it's hard to tell what their signals are reading. My lights clearly indicate with my signals flashing yellow. If I get LCI lights I would want euros. Plus the coding plus the footwell module it would run me a grand. Don't have that kind of income to throw yet. If and when I do, it's going to an msport dual exhaust rear lol.

Just my 2 cents on LCI's.
Yeah no kidding bro- sometimes with certain things is just better to go into the retail store and buy it.
Really it's a damn shame but sometimes it's the only way you know you're getting what you paid for it seems.