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Cheers. Needing as many plays and favourites as I can get, lol. I dont expect to win (don't play cheesy enough). Would be nice to get to the last 5 shortlisted though.

What to look for in a used pair? 1210's (and 1200's) are fairly bullet proof, and parts are pretty easy to come by. With the new set, all I checked was that the platters were spinning, and checked the pitch calibration really. To do this, you set the decks spinning, and set the pitch to zero. There are a series of dots on the platter (from top to bottom - 2 small, one big then one small).

The big dot should look as if its not moving at 0 pitch adjustment.
Then move the pitch slider slowly to see how smooth the movement is. If its smooth, then your mostly good. Look for a second zero point in the range (where the big spot stops moving). If there is a second zero point, this can be fixed with a bit of time, and a multimeter.
Then check the other dots movements. From top to bottom, top small - +6%, middle small - +3%, bottom small - -3%. This is when they stop moving. But this doesn't matter so much, as this is also easily adjusted. My original set are actually calibrated fast, so I can mix through a larger BPM range, but then this does affect the ability to narrow in on specific BPM's, for beatmatching.

Youtube is full of video's on 1210's. Viperfrank is awesome with his vids...
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