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I had this question too yesterday. I ran Stage 1 Sport on 91 Octane Shell V-power on my 2009 335i 6MT bone stock. The logs showed 4 cylinders pulled timing and some pulled twice throughout the power band in 3rd gear. There were no timing corrections in 2nd gear.

I also felt a hesitation like a "VTEC" type of kick feeling at 6000RPM, which I assume was a momentarily loss of power due to the timing correction.

Last night, I then ran Stage 1 Drive again, this time did a full 3rd gear log. There were no issues except cylinder 5 had an early timing correction at the start of the RPM climb at 3000RPM. Other than that, it looked clean and there was no hesitation.

It's safe to say, best not to run Sport mode unless you have access to 93 Octane.