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Originally Posted by Verve View Post
I'm thinking about picking it up soon. Those who have had it for a while now or recently got it how do you like it? I've searched up reviews and found some of you who've reviewed but then a few months later are putting them up for sale
Any reason why?

Not necessarily looking for any gains from this just a better sounding exhaust than stock and my budget's not in the range for a BMW PE exhaust
I guess I'll chime in, and tell you my opinions on it.

I do like it, it sounds very good. Not ricey at all, but nice and throaty. Not too loud, not too quiet. Sounds amazing under power, sounds good at idle.
Gurgles and pops when it downshifts in S.

As you know, I have it on my '06 330i, and for some reason, it drones more on my car than it seems to do on others. Andrew rode in my car with me when it was done, and he said my car makes it drone more.

It's right around 2K RPM under load, for a band of about 250rpm, which I get at certain speeds in S mode in the city. Highway driving is enjoyable, quiet, but nice when you get on it.

I have no problems with the drone myself, but I drive my 8 month old to daycare everyday, and my wife hates it. So I've decided to go to something quieter, and an Ikon seems to fit my needs.