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N55 Problems in the making?

The car is a 2011 335 M sport with about 20000 miles with the JB4 Stage 2 w/ flex fuel wires and ISO firmware, BMS Intake, and AR 4" downpipe.

About two weeks ago I updated my jb4 to the ISO firmware and also installed the flex fuel wires. I filled up with a 40/60 mix of E85 and 91 at my local gas station, set my jb4 to map 5 and it seemed like everything was working fine for a few days. The car pulled so hard that it didn't even seem like I was in a 335 anymore. About a little less then a week after the install, I turned on my car after sitting for about 2 hours and it started revving on its own. As I began to move without touching the gas the car would continue to rev on its own and push itself. Is it possible that this is a result of the intake? I've seen a few posts saying that the intake affects the RPM's at idle. Is this true? Anyways, After a few minutes it stopped and everything seemed fine. Next day, the revs continued to bounce when starting the car and then would stop after a minute. On top of this, my SES light is on every single time I turn on the car and remains on for a few minutes. I figured that it was just coming on because I'm catless but mid way though drives it comes on and flashes on and off for about 30 seconds. I checked for codes and what I found was 2E4C and 2D0D. Oh, and the car is cranking when I turn it on.

2E4C: Exhaust gas flap, activation: Line disconnection
2D0D: Oxygen sensor heating before catalytic converter, activation: Line disconnection

The revs have been getting worse and worse and now are moving all the way up to 1800 rpm. When shifting it sounds like my car is constantly back firing as well.

Yesterday when I turned the car on after sitting outside for a night, as I pushed the brakes to put the car into drive, it randomly turned off on me as if it was stalling. I turned the car off waited a minute, turned it back on and it was fine. I went and did what I had to do and when I got back to my car, turned it on, and pressed on the brakes to turn it on, it stalled on me again. I waited a minute, turned the car back on and it was working fine again.

The entire day I drove with caution and with the jb4 off. Late at night while driving to the canyons to have some fun, I floored the car and I got an engine malfunction warning saying " Engine operating at reduced output. Possible to continue. Drive with caution. Have the system checked by the nearest BMW center." I checked my codes and the car showed 2E4C, 2D0D, and 2C57 (Charge-air pressure control, lower value: Boost pressure too low).

I'm brining my car in for service after the new year but in the mean time I'm wondering if anyone else has had these problems before and if they know what's happening with my car. Should I be concerned because I have been told that n55's are notorious for having problems. Could it be the E85 that is screwing me over? Please help me!!
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