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For work, I'm not sure a Raptor would fit the bill. I just saw the thread with the guy who wanted to get an STI for work, and like the raptor it seems just a little too loud, and "hot wheels"-y to really fit in at a job environment. Don't get me wrong, it's an incredible truck, and I love it... but not for work. Really? With that mileage and stand-out look? I don't know, it just doesn't make the most sense to me to do that.

My girlfriend's brother has an FX4 with the base V8 and he loves it. The Ecoboost is faster, can tow more (with a similar axle ratio compared to the V8), and is better on gas. I've been in it, and it has a decent interior... maybe not the best materials everywhere, but it's well put-together, well-styled and doesn't feel cheap.

Not familiar with the Tundra. However, I wasn't aware "Toyota Guys" existed outside of prius circles

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