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Originally Posted by rorkor View Post
Rich is relative, most "kids" whose parents buy them bimmers probably don't consider themselves rich. Compared to some people in the world, the poorest American is rich. I am middle of middle class and to many, like the 85% of lower earners say people in my income bracket are rich. I don't think so, my lifestyle has always adjusted to my income, never beyond it and that allows me to afford some nice things and keep my wife at home with our kid.

Be fiscally responsible. Budget and save up for extras. While saving, educate yourself on what you want because you may find out you prefer something else. We all have a BMW, to the people who can only afford Hyundai's, we are rich, but rich people buy them too (lord knows why) so be respectful of everyone.

I plan on buying my kid a bimmer someday, probably a used e90 or f30 cause they will be old by then and the 600hp cars of tomorrow will make a 335 look slow.

Discount hookers can give you mods you don't want, and may not be able to remove.
well said.