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Originally Posted by dsimoes1 View Post
I will be using miguiars cutting pad (dark red) and its 6.5inch
I am assuming you have the yellow and the beige as well. I would do a test spot (16" x 16") first prior to buffing out the whole car to dial-in your process. Start with the yellow pad with the swirl remover (6-8 sectional passes with slow arm movement and firm pressure). wipe down and inspect. If the swirls marks are gone then you move to the next step (Polishing). If not then swap the pad to the Burgundy and try again. Inspect then move to next step (polishing) if the marks are gone.

If your process works on the 16"x 16" area then it should work everywhere on the car. If it doesn't then you either have to re-examine your technique, use a more aggressive approach, or a combination of both.

From my experience, a smaller pad works better on the PC. The bigger pad has a tendency to bog the machine down when pressure is apply (surface friction) which in-turn will lessen the correction power of the products and the polisher dramatically.

Good Luck!!!
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