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Originally Posted by LncGmz View Post
Yes, stickier tires are the plan. Not trying to bounce off the rev limiter it's just that the tires don't stick and by the time you know it the RPM's are at 6-7k. I can floor it from a rolling start in 3rd gear and lose traction on these smooth paved roads. The weather in my part of Texas isn't helping either and being winter time it's been around 25-45 at night.
I live in Texas as well and wow does this car love the cold weather!!! I had to change my max boost limit because I kept hitting the boost limit I have set and the car would go to 7psi across the board until I turn it off and turn it on. With my E85 content and given mods, the turbos really like this weather Logs look incredible too after even 4 or 5 hard 4-5th gear pulls... in 3rd on a regular rode going WOT, forget about any type of traction Just the ass end stepping out atleast half way thru 3rd I cant even think about launching the car off the line or even a 2nd gear pull because all it does it roast the tires which is a good thing in my opinion The car feels totally different in these temperatures and this is where the LSD really helps out by putting the power to the ground in an equal way to where the car is controllable
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