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Bad experience turn good

So I thought I would share the experience I had with my car last year.

I parked my car in a quiet residential area outside a house we were visiting. 2 hours later we came outside to go home and discovered the front right wing, driver’s door, right rear door, right rear wing, right skirting\kit and right rear alloy have all been severely damaged. It looked like a red car had crashed right into the car at some speed as both doors were badly damaged.

Ok, so I knocked on a few houses to find out if anyone had seen anything or have any information. I did not expect much and not surprisingly did not get anything.
So I ‘calmly’ got into the car with my wife and went directly to the police station, reported the crime and once again the Police said not to expect much.
Went home and went directly to bed. I woke up the next day hoping it was just a nightmare, went downstairs and looked outside the window – reality sank in!

I took photos of the car and went back inside to get myself a large whiskey (just a strong coffee)
Next I went on our beloved E90 forum to ask the fellas of any good local garages – received a good response and started calling, making visits and receiving quotes.
I also went to my normal BMW garage in Battersea Stewarts road. Once I accumulated all the costs I started to sh*it myself – I had no choice but to call up my insurance company, make a claim and take the hit! This was the last thing I needed right then as my wife was expecting our baby within 4 weeks!

A week had gone and I had narrowed the search down to 2 garages but I was still not sure. So I think this was a Tuesday when I arrived home from work and I received a note from the postman that we missed a registered letter. As I finish work late I could only visit my local post office on the weekends. Thinking not much of it, I left it to one side and went back to my decision making process of which garage to take the car to and to start the insurance claim.

Come Saturday I went to the post office picked up my registered letter and opened it in my car.
WOW, SHOCK, TEARS and LAUGHTER! It was a letter from the insurance company from the person who damaged my car claiming full responsibility!

I went straight home and asked my wife to read the letter to make sure I was not hallucinating – no all correct she said!

Ok, Monday I called BMW and arranged the car to be taken in. A date was arranged, courtesy car delivered, car repaired within 7 days and my wife was overdue by 2 weeks (baby boy).
So my family all came home in my fixed, good as new car!

There are some very good and honest people in this world we live in.

‘Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.’ - Plato

Happy new year to you all!!