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Originally Posted by lmaleke View Post
finally i am able to attached a pic...
I wear the gmt much more than the hublot (the hublot is a gift from my father inlaw). The GMT2 sits much more comfortably on my wrist than the later...
Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
If you're buying used, be aware that the Subs and GMT's changed over to a larger case frame a couple of years ago (yours is an older small frame GMT) and so the newer ones do sit larger on the wrist than the older versions.

I have an older Rolex 16610 Submariner which I love for it's classic simplicity of design, and toughness.
Thanks, I did not know about the size of the casing changing from year to year. I will def. try the watch on if I end up getting the one I want.

Imaleke - Nice watches bro! I like both.