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You test drove the 335 before the 328. Actually driving the 335 before OR after is going to make a it a hard sell to go for a 328. Not bashing at all, but it is definitely a different feel in the pedal. I had a 328 coupe before this car. It was reliable, with smooth power delivery you had to lay into to get to, and satisfying for the most part. Once I took the 335 out though, for me at least, I fell in love- hard.
If your finances allow, then get the 335, or you'll regret it. I stress 'if your finances allow'. You're still young and you don't want to be working for your car. Just be responsible driving. Better plan right along for the balloon at the end. It's a common and very financially disastrous mistake. Save here and there, put a fund aside. Good luck.

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