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Busted @ 130

HERE IS THE FULL STORY....So I was driving at 2am with no cars on the road. I seen the long bridge in front of me. I put it into 4th and not opening up all the way. At the end of the bridge I started slowing down and next thing I know the cop is on my bumper with the lights on. Cop says he clocked me at 130 comes back gives me two tickets one for reckless and the other for 100 in a 50.

I go to court with no lawyer and man up. judge asked me where I was goin so fast. Told him I seen the open road so I opened it up a bit and he laughed. Got the reckless dropped and the 100 in a 50 got dropped to a 80 in a 50. Grad total of 4 points and $400. guess I won

For those who say don't drive that fast and other the bs dont be hypocritical. I'm sure you didn't buy this kind of car to drive around like a Prius owner. I don't drive like this all time.

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