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Are you getting the coilovers for handling or looks?

If handling, consider hpa's or tc klines

Some snippets of reviews here
HPA Coilover reviews

I've got the HPA Koni Coilovers with 336/672 Swift springs, along with all the M3 suspension bits and I agree with everything you said. My setup is a little more biased to the street and the rough, pot holed excuses for roads here in NY. I did M3 Sways, M3 rear arms, subf-rame bushings and LSD but not strut brace or camber plates. I think the spring really are the key with their reduced weight and linear rate, they just perform extremely well. Harold at HPA really helped me out in making my decisions, had them installed locally since I'm on the east coast.


(in NY)That would be me . Rides great! Perfect combination of spring and strut. Very smooth. Took her out on a 100 mile run the next day. Absorbed bumps very comfortably. I had stock suspension ZSP with non run flats before the HPA koni's and the ride was still a bit harsh over bumps. With the HPA koni's...loving it. As Matt said, M3 sways would be next, but the downpipes first....

I have about an 1" gap b/n the wheel and fender. I'm gonna measure the wheel to fender and post up when I get a chance later.

Thanks Matt, good work as always.

i have this kit:

HPA Koni Coilover Kit w/ Swift Springs S/A: $2300 incl. camber plates
i think i did 336/672

i love it, use 94% daily driven, 6% track. i did not initially get camber plates, however they are going in next week!

my brief review is the kit it very capable and more then sufficient for daily driving. makes driving to work a blast! i have tracked it once and was shocked how capable it was there too. the car did not get upset at all at thunderbolt and i don't consider my self an advanced driver

a good alignment is important as well. PSS also have helped this kit shine