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Hublots are for rappers.

Breitlings are for old dudes.

Go with something understated and timeless. If it's your first big watch purchase you'll want to choose something you can wear every day so that you can continuously justify the cost to yourself.

If my wrists weren't so big I'd buy a the new cased Submariner.. but to make a sub look proportional on me I have to go with the 44mm DSSD which is considerably more expensive LOL. So I'm waiting on that one.

Here are a couple pics of my 176K I bought back in 2008. I paid $4800 when new, now MSRP is $5800 for this particular model and set to rise again in 2013.. So as long as you're in it for the long haul PAMs seem to be pretty good at holding their value.

I love how versatile this watch is. You can dress it up/down with different straps and it just looks looks so understated an elegant under a shirt cuff... Icing on the cake is that the hand-winding movement makes such a satisfying noise when it's running. A very audible tic-tic-tic-tic.