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Winter Washing

For those of us who live in a region with a climate that necessitates the use of road salt in the winter, every winter we face the issue of the best way to wash the salt off.

The potential methods are:

Soft cloth track car wash
touchless trackless car wash
coin-op spray (do it yourself)

Many take the view that the auto washes whether touchless or not will damage the car's finish. The pro is that they claim do wash the undercarriage of the car (but this point is itself disputed as some argue that in fact they don't have actual jets under the car but rather jets that spray from the side under the car).

I am leaning towards coin-op on warmer days but wonder if me contorting myself to spray the underside of the car will really clean the undercarriage properly.

What are people's views?

Additionally: What is the best touchless wash in downtown toronto area, looking for one that actually has jets that spray from underneath the car?
Is anyone aware of a coin op wash that offers an "underspray", I've seen the reference to this on the net but never seen a coin-op with such a thing.