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Originally Posted by Kolyan2k View Post
with 0% APR or 0.9% APR it really makes no sense to buy outright for many people, unless you have alot of EXTRA cash.
Even then it doesn't make sense. Invest the cash and use BMW's money for the car.

Unless you have a gold-plated job with a massive signing bonus, I cannot imagine buying a new $40-50K car in this economy as a recent graduate. And even then, put the bonus in the bank, you will likely need it someday.

But if you do, and can afford it, I would be contrary and say get a 328i with the manual transmission. More than fast enough to get your license shredded, a little cheaper to buy, a little cheaper to insure, a little cheaper for gas, and a LOT cheaper to maintain once the warranty is up. The manual ups the fun factor considerably. Realistically, assuming you are in the US, where exactly can you USE the added performance of the 335i? 2 seconds at a time? Oh, THAT'S exciting...

For that matter, take the difference in price between a 328i and a 335i and use it for the Euro delivery trip of a lifetime. You haven't lived until you have driven 130mph on the Autobahn in your new BMW.
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