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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
Hublots are for rappers.
Ha, I'm a rapper though, so it fits me But seriously, I really think the Panerai and now knowing it's not upwards of $7k, makes me look at it more seriously. I didn't realize they could hold value so well despite being a pre-owned. Question, which one will hold the value vs. fall. Or do they all hold relative value?

I might look at a Radomir since it's bit more reserve and thinner to work with suits and such. The Luminor Base versions are quite thick

Originally Posted by Patrick719 View Post
Damn, nice collection! Good taste. I'm not going for a case of watches for sure, just two good ones. Casual / Semi Formal use and Semi Formal / Formal use. The search continues...!

Originally Posted by mbintx View Post
The thing about watches is, you should be wearing the watch, not vice versa.
Very good way of looking at it and something I'll remember when I'm trying some on. I want something afficionados would pick but isn't gaudy, but the average person may be intrigued enough to ask, - "nice watch, what is that?" but not think I'm blingin' it. Just saying that out loud, that might make me vere away from a Rolex, which is certainly a universal symbol - "look, I have money, and I spent on this symbol for people with money " haha...Panerai is less so IMHO because not many people outside the watch world know what it is and the ones that do are more likely afficionados I think - maybe I'm wrong, but that's my perception.