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All, I had the same issue with the passenger door (07 335i)...other symptoms included some function resets on the computer (auto turn signal and nav reset) and the gas cap would not open. Additionally, had to open the car with the emergency key, passenger door didn't open and couldn't lock/unlock using the auto lock button on the dash.

There may be more issues but I followed the advice here and opened the back panel on the glove box, took out the fuze Rosetta Stone guide...Key Point: the car door symbol with the key has four fuses associated with it...I worked my way back from #57 and the second fuze I tried (a 15 amp) #56 was cooked. The top of the panel has some replacements (which I fitted right in) and viola! It worked. One gentlemen did mention that if it continues to happen (this was the first time for me - owned for 3 years), replace the 15 amp with a 20 amp. Just have to remember to replace the fuse I used...and, just a heads up, you'll have to work to contort your arm to access the fuses without the passenger side door access.

I cannot speak to the actuator problem (and pray I won't have to!). Thanks a ton for the great gouge. I hope this is helpful to someone.