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Wise decision

Originally Posted by vase330 View Post
Tonight I went to Rockville, MD with my recently redelivered car (Euro-plates still on). Damn, a small crowd seemed to gather around the car at Montrose Crossing. Someone left palm and fingure prints all over my windows. I know its not a Ferrari so I was kind of surprised. I left as soon as I was done with what I was there for.

So I hit the road and cruise towards 495. This guy in a WRX STI notices me, and literally shot like a bullet three lanes across traffic and tucked right behind me. Then he pulls up parallel, revs at me and proceeds to really get on it. Really dangerously weaving in traffic. I didn't respond. He went through the red light then slowed and waited for me. As soon as I got to 495 he follows me onto the highway, revs at me again, and again, I don't bite. So I guess he decides to show me what the STI can do. The thing was obviously modded, it threw a few puffs of flames from the exhaust as he almost comically accelerated violently out.

About a mile or so down the road someone in a lowered chevy sliverado SS truck speeds across traffic, lines up parallel with me, then just gets on it, and pulls away, suddenly slows realizing I gave no response. He had exhaust, and dark tint. He lowers his window and attempts a stare down, but I look straight ahead and pretend not to notice. My adrenaline was going wanting to piss on his truck, but didn't want to get drawn in, so I just looked straight ahead and did not acknowledge his honks. So he cuts me off, sure to get my attention and goes onto my left and revs his truck into two short busts, we go 3 exits and I again don't bite, so he takes the U-turn exit guess he wasn't even going my way, but just followed me for a "fight".

Could not believe my luck when a guy with a civic with an exhaust large enough for me to craw through races up to me, with some GM car (I think it was a Chevy or Pontiac) hot on his tail, then a Hyundai Sonata joins the party. They all start going for it, and that point I was WTF? They slow then start a honking match, flashing their lights and scare the other drivers off 2 lanes. Come on people; Even Civics and Hyundai Sonatas? Man I though someone was going to call 911 and report the dangerous behavior if they hadn't done so already. They just took off again, and I was the only car left cruising, so they gave up and drove off, but you know I was itching to on them and show them my best view Are you guys getting this reaction on the road?

Your a wise man for not getting involved in that's not worth it. I got a ticket going 90 in a 55 on 495 back in June...I'm going through hell right now...I could end up either losing or having a restricted license, lawyer fees $900, 2 driver safety courses ($150), community service...I go before the judge on September 4th...I'm so pissed at myself and Virginia's draconian laws regarding speeding. No alcohol involved, no traffic on the road, just me and a undercover stealth police cruiser. Capital Raceway in Crofton let's you do 1/4 mile runs on Friday nights...that's what I'm going to start doing...have fun.