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I made my own from hockey pucks that I got at Dicks Sporting goods...1.99 for 8.00 and a little time spent with a hack saw, I had 4 jacking point adapters. They work great with jacks and jack stands with flat tops...they work good with jack stands that have a shaped top...the puck fits well there, but I like a wider support base.

I did end up replacing 2 of the plastic BMW jacking points as one was missing and one was pretty chewed up from wear and tear....the cars are pretty low and it does not take much to scrape them on something.

look for DIYs on how to make the Hockey pucks work..its very easy.

I cut a circle out of some card stock the size of the puck, cut the rectangle out of that circle and used it as a template for the other 3....I used a sharpie to mark a line about half way around the puck......

I cut the top rectangle first being careful to stop at the line going around the puck..then cut around the line in to where I had cut the rectangle. the pieces fell away leaving the right shape.

Though I did not think I needed 4 of them, I ended up having to put the whole car on jack stands and was glad I had them...