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Originally Posted by psmitty95 View Post
That's true in most situations but not the shop I go to. He tells me whenever anything is wrong and mentions stuff he doesn't even have to mention. All the work is done by one guy and he's the one who owns the shop. He texts you with updates constantly and sends you pictures. For example last time my car was there for the fmic, dp's, and brakes he noticed that the car had been in an accident and the previous owner had the front bumper repaired. I never noticed it nor did the dealer I bought it from mention it. He had no need to say anything or let me know except that he felt its the right thing to do. He hates installing things on the car that he's going to have to re-do so always makes sure its done right the first time around.
Alright, well good luck. Just don't say I didn't tell you so. If you could have gotten them new and not used, tracked, ones I'm sure you would have. When people buy used and/or cheap parts they always tend to find the need to justify their purchase. My last advice is get rid of them while you can.