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Sorry to hear you are experiencing health problems. I smoked for 12 years at 1.5 to 2 packs a day toward the end. I was the biggest smoker of all my friends by far. I was very physically and mentally addicted.

When I finally decided that I had enough of the health risks, social stigma, expense, and stress of making sure to have time to smoke... I went to the doctor to increase my likelihood of quitting after a couple failed cold-turkey attempts. I got a prescription for the Nicotrol Inhaler and Zyban. I picked a day to quit, smoked my last cig, and went to the dentist to get my teeth whitened. I then started using the Nicotrol Inhaler right after.

--I highly recommend the Nictrol Inhaler. I never even had to use the Zyban.--

At first, I'd take the normal smoke breaks I usually would but I'd use the inhaler instead. After a couple weeks I'd begin to take fewer and fewer breaks. Then, after about a month I quit refilling the nicotine cartridges all together. I'd still use the inhaler but was essentially just sucking on a piece of plastic since there was no nicotine cartridge. I quit using the inhaler (pacifier) all-together about a month later.

Eight years later I still haven't smoked a cigarette to this day. No more yellow fingers/teeth, morning hacking, and smoker's breath. I haven't had any serious urges and second-hand smoke makes me nauseous. I do have a cigar every couple months though.

I hope this helps.