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Originally Posted by GoRomeo View Post
Happend to me once. Yes I manually folded back in and got itself corrected with buttom after that. No problem since. I was afraid I was gonna end up with mirror on my hand but was able to fix it. Not sure what happened, probably my wife or daughter hit it in the garage.

I fold mine in all the time and sometimes I hear a squicking noise coming from mirrors. I added a bit of WD-40 just to help and it did. I will do it again once I hear noise. Maybe I should not use them all the time I dont want them to brak on me. I love this feature in my car. Cheeers!!
glad it worked out!....the white lithium grease is easy to find. I used a cotton swab to get the grease where it needed to go. One application of this grease and it should last more than a year. If you use WD40, although good for cleaning and general light duty lube, it is not meant to last very long as a grease. I use it as a cleaner as it is fairly easy on painted surfaces and has anti rust and lube characteristics.

You owe it to yourself to be sure everything is nice and clean inside the mirror. Im pretty sure the motors will thank you with longer service, especially if you use the mirror function frequently.

pm me if you have any questions on a step by step