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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
How's that osgiken LSD? Do you have the default ratio?(I think it's like 50/40, or something like that)
Got this installed the week before christmas, and in for a short update (since you asked).

The car actually goes forward now at all times; alarmingly fast especially in 2nd gear which used to be mostly useless around town. 2nd now mostly hooks up on any kind of decent road, and even when its spinning it provides a lot of forward velocity.

The Giken is pretty cool in that you can actually feel it lock up, and it does it smoothly. Lets say you're going through an intersection in 2nd, and you decide to nail it halfway through and pinch the steering wheel in too just for good measure. So as soon as the boost comes up of course the tail starts to kick out and since the Giken locks on input torque, it starts to lock up. You can feel your line tighten noticeably as it locks up (this probably takes like less than a half second, but it's noticeable.) And once it is locked, the car just goes forward. You can still steer it around and hang the tail out if you want, or you can tuck it in and go forward, depending on your steering inputs.

None of this was possible with the stock diff. You could still drift the car of course but it was uncontrollable. That controllable nature is what will make you fast on track not because you want to drift, but because you can control what the car does and drive it right on the edge with a good slip angle.

If you have the $$ I'd highly recommend the Giken over a torsen-style diff.