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bov wont release pressure at high rpms??

hi guys i just wanted to see if anyone could chime in and point me in the right direction with this issue, about a week ago i installed an ER charge pipe with a synapse bov. And i have been noticing that on lower rpms the bov releases boost great and it sounds nice and clear(specially after adding a jb4 two days ago) but on higher rpms like 5k and above it wont make the swooosh noise as if it wasnt releasing boost at all it makes a very brief psh sometimes it seems like it does it twice. For some reason i dont feel like it does it all the time but when it does it i feel a noticeable loss of power.

Anyone has an idea why it will release boost no problem on lower rpms but wont on higher boost? it seems like the vacuum lines are set up fine and all the clamps are on tight so im kind of out of ideas.

any help is appreciated and also i would like to wish everyone on the forum a very happy new years!