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Originally Posted by e92_Mack
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with 0% APR or 0.9% APR it really makes no sense to buy outright for many people, unless you have alot of EXTRA cash.
+1. With those kind of interest rates I wouldn't buy a car that expensive outright either. Doesn't really cost you to take that 0% (free money), put the rest of the money into something that could bring you more in return, (if you got 0.9% and not 0%) or just have it available to you in case something comes up, while having the option to pay it off whenever you want down the line, instead of putting all that money on the street all at once.
If you don't have the cash then you can't afford it. Playing the spreads on interest rates for a car purchase is ridiculous. 0% is not interest free money because you only get that rate for a new car and you'll take a beating on depreciation. Go find yourself a used 2006 in great shape and pay no more than $15k with cash.