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Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
Seriously, congratulations on some great wheels and more importantly a fantastic wife. My wife would immediately rationalize why I don't need a set of HREs.
I rationalized INTO them. After all, I needed new tires anyway...and if I buy 18" tires, I'll have to hold off until they are out of tread to upgrade to the stocks weigh so much it has to be killing my gas mileage...which at a rate of roughly 35k miles per year basically means that the wheels pay for themselves in no time...and I'll be safer due to the improved handling caused by the reduced unsprung weight...and out safety is the most important thing, right?...right?
Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
Why you lucky son of a... it looks great!
Thanks, Manny!
Originally Posted by kokopuffs405 View Post
MOAR pics needed
Moar to come. Lol...once spring hits. The cars back to the winter setup currently. Thanks again!

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