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First time coder here and I'm having a few problems.. I'm getting a similar error message to ink. I am able to read the individual module ecu's to get the fsw_psw.trc file, but when I try to do the "coapiReadSgGetFswPsw" function I get the following errors:

It seems like others have been able to fix this by updating the daten files, but I have tried a few different daten versions without success. I started with the version included in the coding success thread, then I upgraded to v47.1 then v48.1 then tried v41 to see if an older version would work, but I always have the same problem . Do the newer daten versions have backward compatibility, or do you need the exact version to match whats on the car? I have been using NCS Expert version 3.1 and Ediabas version 7.2, could these newer versions be incompatible with my car (08 e90)?