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Originally Posted by Alpineis View Post
Just picked up an '11 a couple days ago. Fun car so far..look forward to building it up a bit. Went to buy a '10 M3, but bought this one and will take some money saved and apply toward mods. LSD first up.
I have a newbie question: Is there an options sticker somewhere on the E92 ? My car was ordered and purchased in Germany, then flown to the US a year later. The US system has no option record. I know most of what it has, but would like to see all the codes. Seems to have a lot of ala-carte options. Also, the dealer says my car was a 'Black Series' packaged car only available via order in Germany, with black badges, black/carbon roundels and black 225M's stock. I definitely put no 'stock' in that statement (maybe he was a MB salesperson before) as I have always known that badging to be aftermarket, but would be interested if anyone has heard of such. Happy New Year

Happy New Year Beautiful car and welcome to the club. As for the Black Series thing that is the first time I heard of it never heard of that option. I know when this car first came out u had the option for the 225M's (not black) but they stop it and left the 313's. The black badges and black carbon roundels thats a first for me unless there are aftermarket, my badges are black but I did that myself, but even if that option is from Germany I'm sure I would of heard of it here on the forum.
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