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AAA Recommends against using E15

So, I have been seeing a lot of hysteria and not much analysis as to the true nature of this issue. I caught wind (a month late) that AAA is urging people to stop using E15 fuel. I hear claims of destroying fuel lines, corroding the gaskets, and similar unsubstantiated statements. All attempts to further research this just results in news articles regurgitating the initial AAA report.

Is there any thorough analysis in response to this recent AAA plea? I have read enough about use of pure E85 in our cars, and I was under the impression that the modern materials we use are just fine for handling the higher ethanol content, and, so long as we don't leave the cars sitting for months with moisture-attracting E85 in a mostly empty gas tank, that we should be fine.

Is anyone aware of this recent claim by AAA? Does anyone have any information in response to the claim by AAA? I'm not so much looking for original research by the replier, but, more, a link to some thorough analysis on both sides of this issue. People keep raising this issue with me, since I use E85 in my car, and I would like to have some sources to further substantiate my side of the issue, or to, at least, offer some more unbiased research, since the media seems to be heavily against this 15% ethanol blend.