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Originally Posted by rickyjones1209 View Post
Unless I'm mistaken you can't plastidip a whole car. Plastidip is just plastic in a can, I know of people that have used it on wheels to have a change of colour. Not exactly a refurb but gives you an idea of what the wheel would look like in a different colour and protects the wheel to a degree too.

The cost of having a car wrapped depends on the size of the car but I'd expect £1200 or so for the Mazda. Hold out for the right colour in the first place in my opinion.
Yea.... Sorry RickyJones but you're wrong. You can plastidip a whole car. You can purchase it in larger quanties which are then connected to a spray gun. Yanks do it all the time.

O.P No. just No. Not because it "cheap wank" but because it simply not durable enough to withstand the weather and nor is it even a respectable finish.... maybe because it is "cheap wank"

Better to buy in the colour you want or wrap it. then again again wrapping it will never give you the depth and shine and beauty of paint.

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